December 14, 2019

Internal Funding – UCTS Research Grant (URG)

Fundamental Research
Basic research to generate knowledge that can contribute to enhance intellectual level, the creation of new technologies and the proliferation of a dynamic culture in line with the university vision and mission. It is basic research that can produce theories, concepts and ideas for the advancement of knowledge.

Applied Research
The aim of applied research is to find a solution for an immediate problem facing a society or an industrial/business organisation. Applied research is considered to be non-systematic inquiry and is usually launched by a company, agency or an individual in order to address a specific problem.

UCTS Prototype Research Grant (UPRG)
The definition of prototype development research is the research conducted to bridge the gap between laboratory discoveries and research up to pre-commercialization. This includes proof of concept, evaluation, up-scaling, pre-clinical testing and field testing.

UCTS Social Responsibility Research Grant (USRRG)
This grant provides UCTS academic staff with the platforms for the researchers to transfer knowledge to the community and the industry. The researchers have to obtain the agreement from the community and the industry.