Centre for Research & Development

1. Objectives

1.1. To enhance the university’s achievement in research and academic publication
1.2. To increase the university’s visibility in research and academic publication
1.3. To increase Malaysia Research Assessment (MyRA) star rating
1.4. To inculcate and nurture the research culture in the university

2. Qualifications/Requirement

2.1. Open to all applicants who are from Malaysia.
2.2. Have obtained a Doctor of Philosophy from recognised institutions within or outside Malaysia AND not exceeding FIVE (5) years from the date of PhD awarded.
2.3. Have knowledge and experience in research areas conducting by the Research Centres as listed in Section 3.
2.4. Have published TWO (2) SCOPUS/WOS/ERA papers as first author.
2.5. Have good health and free from any infectious or chronic disease.
2.6. All applications must go through the Research Centres.
2.7. The applicant who is a non-citizen of Malaysia is required to produce evidence of skills in the English Language according to TOEFL (minimum score of 600) OR IELTS (minimum average score of 6.5) except for native speaker of English.

3. Prioritized Fields of Research

3.1. Cybersecurity
3.2. Sustainable Socio-economic Development
3.3. Borneo Regionalism and Conservation
3.4. Natural Food Resources
3.5. Drone Research Application
3.6. Wood Engineered Products
3.7. Sustainable Materials and Renewable Green Energy

4. Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Post-Doctoral Research Fellow are as follows:

4.1. Conduct research works in identified or existing projects under Research Centre.
4.2. Prepare at least ONE (1) paper for every 2 months of service with UCTS full time academic staff and the University affiliation must be included.
4.3. Publish at least ONE (1) paper in SCOPUS/WOS/ERA indexed journals for each year of service with UCTS full time academic staff and the University affiliation must be included.
4.4. Prepare and submit at least TWO (2) research proposals of external grants for each year of service.
4.5. Assist the Research Centre in establishing research networks or linkages with external parties.
4.6. Submit Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Progress Report every quarter of the year to Centre for Research & Development.
4.7. Must fulfill eight (8) working hours per day.

5. Condition and Duration of Appointment

5.1. The appointment of Post-Doctoral Research Fellow is on full time status and must pass self-sponsored health examination.
5.2. The successful candidate must sign a contract of agreement and the contract document as determined by the University.
5.3. Duration of appointment is TWO (2) years and can be extended for another ONE (1) year based on the availability of the university’s fund, satisfactory service performance and recommendation by Head of Research Centre with approval from University Research Committee and endorsement by the Senate.
5.4. The Head of Research Centre has to prepare a working paper to request for extension and table it to University Research Committee for approval and the Senate for endorsement. The paper must be submitted within THREE (3) months to the Centre for Research & Development before the appointment end date. The extension letter will be issued by Human Capital Department.
5.5. Monthly salary for Post-Doctoral Research Fellow is RM 4,000.00 and not entitled for any salary increment.
5.6. Eligible to present paper(s) in ONE (1) domestic conference within the term of service and will be covered under Human Capital Department OR external grant funding.
5.7. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow is eligible for annual leave of TWENTY-FIVE (25) days. However, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow is not allowed to apply 25 days of leave in a lump sum.
5.8. Any remaining annual leave in the current year will be forfeited and cannot be carried forward to the following year.
5.9. Annual leave application must be recommended by Head of Research Centre and approved by Director of Centre for Research & Development.
5.10. Immigration matters are managed by Human Capital Department.
5.11. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow or UCTS to give ONE (1) month notice for termination of service.
5.12. Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship shall be terminated at the expiry of the engagement period or any time on occurrence of any of the following:

5.12.1. Unfit for further service due to serious illness; OR
5.12.2. Convicts in any crime; OR
5.12.3. Commits an act of bankruptcy; OR
5.12.4. Any gross misconduct, insubordination and persistent absence from work; OR
5.12.5. Fails to perform his/her duties satisfactorily.

5.13. All publications and research outputs produced by Post-Doctoral Research Fellow during the duration of appointment are fully owned by the University.

6. Appointment Status

Appointment is given contract status and on full time basis.

7. Submission of Application

7.1. The applicant must fill in the Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Application form and submit the documents as listed in Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Checklist to Centre for Research & Development.
7.2. Any incomplete document(s) will be returned to the applicant and the application will only be processed after Centre for Research & Development has received complete documents.
7.3. The application is open throughout the year and depends on the availability of University’s fund.
7.4. If the applicant has not received any response within SIX (6) months after the date of submission, the application is considered as unsuccessful.