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Collaborative Research on Advanced Cybersecurity Knowledge Research Lab (CRACK) supports Sarawak Digital Economic expansion under the umbrella of Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA). Sarawak Digital Economic and Cybersecurity projects remain an important agenda in Sarawak. Due to its importance to safeguard the network and digital transaction in Sarawak, SMA had recognised Cybersecurity as one of the niche area to do research and development in moving forward for embarking on a digital Sarawak.

Cybersecurity in Sarawak still needs a lot of research and development to be done especially on the encryption and network protection from unforeseen treats, which may jeopardise the whole implementation and roll out of a fully digital Sarawak.


  1. To promote a holistic and advance research on Cybersecurity for the whole of Sarawak
  2. To give awareness and education to promote Cybersecurity in a much holistic way for the benefits of Sarawak
  3. To undertake R&D activities related to insights on Cybersecurity processes and schemes
  4. To provide advisory, consultancy and training services, policy formulation, strategic planning expertise and human capital requirements to facilitate research development for the relevant private sectors and government agencies with regards to good Cybersecurity practices, digital forensic and network data encryptions
  5. To become a resource hub for reference and exchange of knowledge in research and development for Cybersecurity in Sarawak

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