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Advanced Centre for Sustainable Socio-Economic and Technological Development (ASSET) is established as a research centre at the School of Computing and Creative Media, University College of Technology Sarawak with an aim to develop people-centred innovation and technological solutions for sustainable socio-economic development of underserved communities. The centre is promoting holistic, people-oriented and community-based contextualized research and development activities; in particular, encompassing technological innovations for indigenous communities.


  1. To promote a holistic, people-centred and community-based approach to rural development and not just technology-focus
  2. To undertake R&D activities to gather insights on rural development processes and schemes by ensuring different contexts and different communities
  3. To provide advisory, consultancy and training services, policy formulation, strategic planning expertise and human capital requirements to facilitate research development for the relevant private sectors and government agencies with regards to communication and internet connectivity, renewable energy, service learning for the rural communities, ICT literacy, marketing and product packaging for the farmers and Internet of Things (IoT) for e-agriculture, e-aquaculture, e-health, e-environment and e-education implementation in rural areas in Sarawak
  4. To become an internationally recognised centre involved in Science and Technology for rural development by promoting and facilitating local and international collaboration between researchers, practitioners, target communities, as well as policy makers who are involved with rural development programmes
  5. To become a resource hub for reference and exchange of knowledge in research and development of rural development programmes

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